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After Emirates, Etihad airways also suspends flights from Pakistan

Etihad Airways has announced its decision to suspend its flight operations from Pakistan, a day after passengers who had travelled to Hong Kong by Emirates positive for Covid-19. Flight operations of Etihad airways are expected to remain suspended till July 1. Two other airlines from UAE, Emirates and Fly Dubai, have already suspended flight operations for outbound passenger from Pakistan temporarily. 

Travel agents in Pakistan bycott Etihad airways for awarding Modi

Pakistan Travel Agent Association has decided to boycott of UAE-based Etihad Airways due to the ongoing tensions over Kashmir. The association’s chairman Khawaja Ayub Naseem said that the airline’s boycott is to protest against UAE giving ‘Killer Modi’ its highest civilian award. He said that the Dubai-bound visitors will be briefed of UAE’s anti-Kashmir move and will try to change their mind.