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Govt planning to convert 3,000 CNG stations into Electric Vehicle charging stations

In a bid to make Pakistan pollution free in future, the government is planning to convert 3,000 CNG stations across the country into Electric Vehicle charging stations. With launch of its first fully-electric three-wheel vehicle, the government is aiming to manage power consumption because, in the future, large numbers of EVs being charged at home especially during peak hours could overload local power transformers.

Govt working on duty-free import of hybrid & electric cars for overseas Pakistanis

Recently, the government launched the country’s first-ever electric vehicle policy which aims to slash the import bill, curb greenhouse gas emissions and convert 30% of all cars to Electric Vehicles (EVs). The comprehensive policy has multiple incentives to boost the growth of EVs in the country including free registration, tax exemption and others. Under the proposed policy, Foreign Exchange Remittance Cardholders, who remit $100,000 over a period of two years, will be allowed to import one hybrid car duty-free.