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Johnson & Johnson announces to stop sales of baby powder in US, Canada

Johnson & Johnson has announced that it would stop selling talc-based baby powder in the United States and Canada.  Sales had already been hit by changing consumer habits and fears the product causes cancer. The Pharmaceutical giant has long denied claims that the talc powder it uses contains cancer-causing asbestos, but has nonetheless been taken to court several thousands of times over the allegations.

Asia Bibi’s first picture in exile released on social media

Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman who was spent eight years on death row for blasphemy, has released two photographs taken in exile from Canada. Asia was released last year by Pakistan’s top court and flew to Canada, where she reunited with her family at a secret location. Asia released her pictures ahead of her biography launch.

Canada’s Trudeau wins second term but falls short of a majority

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a second term in Canada’s national elections with most seats in Parliament. The results were a shock to many as a series of scandals had tarnished Trudeau’s image as a liberal icon.  However, falling short of a majority meant the Liberals would have to rely on an opposition party to pass legislation. With results

Woman falls asleep on flight and ‘wakes up in a dark, locked and empty plane’

A woman has claimed she was left alone in a dark and locked plane after falling asleep on a flight. Tiffani Adams took a 90-minute Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto on 9 June. Ms Adams fell asleep during the journey but woke up to find the aircraft empty, cleared and parked for the night in Toronto.