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Government bans export of onions till May 31

The federal government has imposed a ban on the export of onions and red chillies with immediate effect till May 31, as revealed in a notification.  The decision to impose a ban was taken by the cabinet in the Economic Coordination Committee meeting on February 19. However, the decsion would cost millions of dollars to fruit and vegetables exporters. 

Saudi Arabia bans Umrah travel until further notice

Following the spread of the deadly coronavirus to other Asian countries, Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended religious visits (Umrah) to the country. It has also banned travelers from the virus-hit countries, including Pakistan. If the situation persists, the Hajj this year could be severely affected. As per details, the Saudi authorities have directed all airlines to inform passengers of the development and await further orders. 

Government to reinforce sheesha ban in Punjab

The Punjab government has decided to reinforce a complete ban on sheesha, imposing hefty fines on its provision on public places. The decision has come in the backdrop of the videos circulating on social media, suggesting that a few cafes are still serving the hazardous flavored smoke. The government has directed the administration and divisional police chiefs to effectively implement the ban.

Punjab govt bans use of mobile phones in educational institutions

The Punjab government has imposed a ban on the use of mobile phones on the premises of public and private educational institutions in the province. The notification issued directed the relevant authorities to enforce the ban to protect the youngsters from drugs. Also in order to prevent the students from using social media inside the premises of educational institutions for kids aged under 16 the competent authority has decided to ban the use of mobile phones.

Drones banned in Islamabad by District Administration

 District administration Islamabad has placed a two-month ban on flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones in the vicinity of the federal capital. Large number of Islamabad’s residents possess drones which poses a security threat such as terrorist attack during the Azadi March congregation. Any unexpected incident can worsen the law and order situation in the capital and can act as a threat to lives of the residents.