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Worsening air quality in Punjab forces schools to close for two days

All public and private schools will be closed again for two days after the air quality in Punjab and adjoining districts surpassed hazardous levels. A notification issued by the government stated, “In the wake of dense smog, public and private schools operating within the territorial limits of Lahore, Faisalabad and Gujranwala districts will remain closed on November 15 [today] and

Lahore’s air quality remains hazardous at an index ranking of 447

Lahore’s air quality remained ‘hazardous’ with an air quality ranking of 447, according to Air Visual’s Air Quality Index (AQI) list. The Punjab capital is ranked second most polluted city in the world, according to Air Visual, which records air pollution levels across the globe in real time.  According to Air Now,  “the entire population is more likely to be affected” at hazardous level.