Social media shames man who brutally beat his mother over property dispute

Outraged social media users name and shame, Arslan Qureshi, the man who can be seen brutally beating his mother in a disturbing viral video. In the video, shared by Zobia Meer on Facebook, Arslan can be seen hurling abuses and beating his mother, while his wife encourages the act. Zobia, the victim’s daughter claims her brother beat his mother over cash and property dispute.

Shortly after Zobia shared the video, #justiceformother and #justiceforZobia went viral on social media. Users have demanded justice for the mother and daughter duo, despite Arslan’s wife claiming in a video that he responded after she was mercilessly beaten by her mother-in-law. Bisma also claimed that Zobia and her mother, mistreated her one year old daughter due to which they had to leave the house.