SAPM Mirza pays tribute to health workers, presents relief package

Paying rich tribute to doctors and medical professionals, SAPM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza has announced a seven point package for front line medical staff. While acknowledging the efforts of frontline workers, Mirza said that the package does not equal the efforts they are making. The highlights of the package include: financial incentives, healthcare of doctors and their families and support mechanism.

The government, after consultation with all stakeholders including medical associations, has prepared this package, SAPM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said in a briefing. Each of the groups comprises different points, he added and will cater to:

  • Security of frontline health workers and doctors

  • Training of medical professionals

  • Healthcare of doctors and their families

  • Incentives to be provided to private health sector

  • Commemoration of doctors

The government has decided to provide tax relief to healthcare workers who are fighting against Covid-19, SAPM Zafar Mirza said. For medical workers who have passed away from the virus, the government has already announced a Shuhda package.

Doctors and health workers who have lost their lives during their fight against the novel coronavirus will be commemorated on every day of national importance, along with other martyrs of the country.

He further said that medical professionals will be tested and provided healthcare and medicines on a priority basis. If a family member of a frontline health worker falls ill, the government will bear the cost of their treatment.

Source: Dawn