‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse to appear in Pakistan on Sunday

The solar eclipse of June 21 (Sunday), also being termed the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse, is the annular eclipse in which the moon passes between the Sun and Earth. A ring of sunlight will shine around outer edge of Sun, hence giving it a special name. The eclipse would be fully visible in Karachi, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

The solar eclipse would begin at about 9:45am on Sunday across the country. At approximately 11:45am, the moon would completely eclipse the sun. It would end at about 1:10pm.

The ophthalmologists have described Sunday’s [June 21] solar eclipse “dangerous for the human eye” as it would emit ultraviolet rays that could permanently destroy the vision of the human eye.

Medical experts have advised people to stay indoors during the eclipse as rays would be extremely dangerous for two hours.

“The sun’s rays can put a black spot on the retina of those who see the eclipse directly,” say medical experts adding that children need special care during the eclipse.

Source: Express Tribune