#RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward trends on Twitter

A leaked video of Mehwish Hayat’s has sparked #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward trend on Twitter. Talking to Express News, Hayat was asked to make a comment about Kashmir, to which she responded by saying, “Nothing about Kashmir! I’ve been asked not to speak about Kashmir here.” Soon after the video went viral on Twitter, the hashtag started trending and many called Mehwish out for her ‘selective activism.’

Hayat then took to Twitter to clarify that her words have been taken out of context. “I’ve been the most vocal on the Kashmir issue globally and will continue to do so. I have big plans for the next steps,” she said. “This was a charity event and I was requested by the PR not to be political and distract people from the orphans I was there to help.”

Source: Express Tribune