PTI approves development of Dubai-like modern city near Lahore

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar has approved the construction of a “Dubai-like” modern city near Lahore. The new city in the north of Lahore, spread over more than 100,000 acres will be called Ravi Riverfront Project. It is anticipated that the private sector would invest about Rs5 trillion in the venture. However, final approval will come from Punjab Cabinet.

The idea behind the project is to resolve the issues of traffic congestion, water shortage and environmental pollution in Lahore – a city of over 11 million. The new city will comprise of 14 zone including:

– Residential zones
– Commercial zone and central business district
– Large lake and three barrages
– Forest reserve and urban farms
– Medical city
– Innovation and Knowledge city
– Tourism and sports city

Source: Gulf News