PIA aircraft crashed due to human error, blackbox reveals no technical glitch

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane crash on May 22nd in Karachi took place due to human errors, said the preliminary investigation report submitted to the Aviation Division in a high level meeting on Monday. The negligence of both the cockpit crew as well as the air control tower caused the accident and there was apparently no technical fault.

According to the report, the CAA officials, the cockpit crew, the control tower and the air traffic control repeatedly made mistakes. The aircraft’s black box has so far not indicated the possibility of any technical fault.

The report said both the speed and the altitude of the aircraft was more than the recommended parameters when the pilot tried first landing. The control tower permitted landing despite greater speed and altitude. The air traffic control also did not provide the control tower with the radio frequency.

The pilot also did not inform the control tower about jamming of the landing gears. It was also wrong decision on part of the pilot to attempt a second landing.

It said fragments of the PIA aircraft’s engine stayed on the runway for 12 hours but the air site unit did not collect them and later other aircrafts were allowed to land on the runway. This was a violation of the standard operating procedure as it could case damaged to other aircrafts.

According to the report the air traffic control officials should have been relieved after the incident but they continued to perform their duties till 7pm.

Source: Express Tribune