Pakistani carpenter’s dream of becoming a model comes true in Saudi Arabia

A viral Twitter post, changed the life of a 24-year-old Pakistani carpenter living in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad Waqas who moved to the Kingdom four years ago, always wanted to become a model but could not pursue the career. However, a viral Twitter post by his friend landed him a modelling opportunity within couple of weeks.

A July 1 post by Twitter user @tamimi1_1 posted Waqas’s picture with a message. In the tweet, which has gotten over 33,000 likes so far, user @tamimi1_1 asked agencies looking for models to get in contact with him

Soon after, Muhammad was offered modelling opportunities. Taking to Twitter, Muhammad posted his pictures, modeling for a Saudi Arabia-based vest making company.

We wish Waqas all the luck in the world to make his dream come true.

Source: Gulf News