Pakistan manufactures high standards face shields for children as schools prepare to reopen

Pakistan is successfully manufacturing economical face shields of highest standards for school children as the government prepares to reopen educational institutes. These face shields are lightweight, washable with soap and water, provide full face protection, are comfortable to wear, non-resistant to breathing, and the first level of defense against splashes and mist. The cost of each shield is Rs. 150 to make it affordable.

Zia Haider, designer of the shield, said that prior to designing of shields, he held a series of result-oriented consultations with a panel of leading medical professionals, scores of principals and headmasters/headmistress in Lahore to understand the psyche of the students so that they feel comfortable while wearing shields in class and their facial impressions should also be clearly visible to teachers.

“Our company is first in Pakistan which was awarded European Union “CE” certification for “Face Shields” to manufacture and export. “SPEL” the manufacturer has been assessed and found to comply with the EU PPE regulations,” he said. It is made of a transparent PET sheet using indigenous technologies with local resources.

Source: Express Tribune