Only 1 of 10 Covid-19 patients in Karachi show symptoms: Aga Khan University study

A recent study has revealed that nine out of 10 Covid-19 patients in Karachi were asymptomatic, meaning only one in 10 show symptoms of the deadly pandemic. The study conducted by Aga Khan University researchers suggested hospitals in Pakistan did not face the same strain as hospitals in Spain and United Kingdom because most patients did not experience any symptoms and did not require treatment.

It said the ratio of asymptomatic cases in Pakistan was much higher than that witnessed in developed countries. The research also confirmed the findings of an earlier study conducted by the government, which had concluded that 11pc of the population had contracted the disease, using results of antibody tests.

The research was based on samples of residents from areas with both low and high transmission rates with researchers finding that 95 per cent of those who tested positive for the novel coronavirus through blood tests reported no symptoms.

Source: Dawn