No diplomatic ties with Israel until Palestine issue is resolved: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has refused to establish diplomatic ties with Israel until the Jewish state has signed an internationally recognised peace accord with the Palestinians. Days after the United Arab Emirates became the first Gulf state to normalise relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan ruled out the possibility of any such accord until the Palestinian issue is resolved.

“Peace must be achieved with the Palestinians” on the basis of international agreements as a pre-condition for any normalisation of relations, Prince Faisal told reporters during a visit to Berlin.

“Once that is achieved all things are possible,” he added, in a comment that was consistent with Saudi Arabia’s previous stance on the issue.

Prince Faisal noted that Saudi Arabia had sponsored the 2002 Arab peace initiative holding out the prospect of a normalisation of ties with Israel, but said Riyadh now saw no road to diplomatic relations without a Palestinian peace deal. He said Saudi Arabia was committed to peace between the Palestinians and Israel based on the Arab peace plan.

US President Donald Trump´s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner insisted on Monday that it would be in Riyadh´s interest to formally establish ties with Israel. Further putting the kingdom in the spotlight, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said Israel was working on opening a corridor over Saudi Arabia for flights to the UAE.

Source: The News