Murree’s picturesque Punjab House to become Kohsar University

The government of Punjab has announced its decision to convert Punjab House Murree into a university. There will be Kohsar University in place of Punjab House, a mansion comprising 96 Kanal land under the provincial government that is used for a variety of purposes including hosting guests, etc. The decision is likely to materialize within next three years.

The establishment of Kohsar University will facilitate the people of Murree, Hazara, Kotli Satyan and Azad Kashmir. Every effort will be made to ensure that tourism and accommodation facilities at Punjab House are not affected.

Classrooms will be set up in one block of the Punjab House while other blocks will be made available to tourists under the supervision of the university, which will be a source of additional income for the university.

Apart from BS and MS program, Kohsar University of Murree Tourism would offer degrees in all traditional subjects including Management Sciences, Pure Sciences, Accountancy, History, Law, Forestry and Horticulture. Every effort is being made to start regular classes in February 2021.

Source: ARY News