Meet Ahsan Qayyum: Pakistan’s globally recognized miniature sculptor and record holder

Guinness World Record holder, Ahsan Qayyum from Pakistan is one of a kind miniature artist who uses the lead of a pencil to carve out various miniatures. The young artist from Gujranwala made the longest chain by a pencil lead consisting of 75 links, breaking record of 58 links previously held by an Indian. 

Graphic designer and a miniature artist by profession, Qayyum does not wish to sell his art. Ahsan, who calls himself an artist by birth, shares that he started sculpting on lead by using a regular pencil with a chart paper-cutting blade and how this has become a very important part of his life.

Ahsan lost his parents while he was studying and had to support himself since a very early age which is why he moved to Lahore to work in a shoe factory for just 8000 rupees a month. We believe Ahsan is a truly gifted artist. Have a look at some of pieces here: