Karachi’s public transport rated world’s worst by Bloomberg

Karachi, Pakistan’s financial hub, has the worst rated public transport in the world, according to a report by internationally acclaimed magazine Bloomberg. The magazine’s report states that the corruption, mismanagement, and clashes of interest seized all positive momentum in the development of the city in the late 1990s. The condition of the roads, the enforcement, and the abidance of rules are all in a terrible state.

The public transport in the city consists of the popular ‘Omni Buses’ that barely fit the bill for suitable transport, especially for females.

The report highlights that the local public transport of the biggest city in Pakistan was once among the most modern in the world. It mentions the time when a localized railway encircled the city and provided a daily transport facility within the city to the public of Karachi.

Speaking with regards to the reason for the terrible state of the public transport in Karachi, Arsalan Ali Faheem, a consultant at DAI – a Maryland-based company that advises on development projects – aptly stated that, “Karachi, despite its importance, is a political orphan,” hinting that the country’s biggest commercial hub has fallen victim to numerous clashes of political nature, being completely forsaken of all positive development over the years amid the chaos.

Source: ProPakistani