India funding Islamophobia, planning misadventure: PM Imran tells UN

Prime Minister Imran Khan during his address to the UN General Assembly warned the international community that India was planning another “ill-conceived misadventure”. In his address via a video link, the PM said that India is the only country in the world with state sponsored state-sponsored Islamophobia but added that Pakistan was ready to “fight for its freedom to the end”.

The prime minister also urged the UN Security Council to play its role in preventing this dangerous conflict, which could jeopardise the entire region.

Imran demanded justice for the Kashmiris and the Palestinians and warned against the increased threat of nuclear war, highlighted the threats posed to mankind due to climate change and the rise of authoritarian regimes, saying: “We must come together to prevent such a catastrophe.”

Imran urged the international community to investigate the grave human rights violations and prosecute the Indian civil and military personnel involved in state terrorism and serious crimes against humanity, being perpetrated with complete impunity.

Source: Dawn/Express Tribune