Govt to enact new law to regulate Ruet-e-Hilal committee

The religious affairs ministry has decided to enact a new legislation regarding the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and frame a law regarding the Hajj and Umra in order to provide legal cover to the matters related to the pilgrimage. The proposed legislation suggested that no one would be allowed to announce the moon sighting on their own and violators will be fined and punished.

According to sources, the ministry has sent a draft law, regarding the moon sighting body to the relevant committee of the ministry for consideration. After receiving recommendations of the committee, the draft would be restructured and forwarded to the law ministry.

Once cleared by the law ministry, the sources said, the draft legislation would be placed before the federal cabinet for its approval. Later it would be presented in the National Assembly as a bill for its passage. Until then, the sources added, Mufti Muneeb would continue as the committee chairman.

On the other hand, the religious affairs ministry has also decided to enact legislation related to Hajj and Umra, which would propose rules and regulations regarding the process of the journey to the holy land, according to the sources.

Source: Express Tribune