First Pakistani space scientist wins Cambridge University’s 2020’s Young Leaders Award

First Pakistani space scientist at the University of Cambridge, Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad has won the Young Leaders Award for 2020 by the Young Professionals Society (YPS). Dr. Yarjan, a senior research associate and a teaching fellow at Cambridge Graphene Centre, is currently working on a research project on loop heat pipes for use in space applications.

Dr Yarjan was also in the team of scientists who launched Graphene in the extreme environment of space via the MASER14 Rocket of Europe Space Agency launched from the Kiruna base in Sweden.

He has developed sustainable methods of creating e-textiles and flexible and stretchable conductors and composites based on three-dimensional (3D) porous architectures of two-dimensional (2D) and layered materials, typically graphene, that scientists and engineers are benchmarking for aerospace composite manufacturing, biosensing, water purification and energy storage.

Young Professionals Society (YPS) recognises ‘excellence’ and honours outstanding young professionals who have shown, during the early years of their professional careers outstanding achievements

Source: TechJuice