Faysal Bank’s new dress code requires female employees to wear hijab and ‘loose clothing’

Faysal Bank Pakistan recently introduced a new dress code policy which requires the female staff of the organization to wear hijab and loose clothing. The order issued by the bank’s head office received a lot of flak over social media for being ‘discriminatory’ and ‘sexist’. However, the bank believes that modest dresses should be worn as ‘it is a cultural requirement.’

“All female employees should dress elegantly with cultural norms that are shalwar kameez, kurta suit, or any modest dressing. All the female staff in the Islamic Banking Group Head Office and Islamic Branches (existing and new) are required to wear Hijab while on duty, training, and clients’ visits, as required by Islamic injunction”.

Adherence to this dress code is mandatory and shall apply to regular employees and internees alike. It will also be communicated to new candidates during the interview sessions.

Moreover, women would also have to show discretion in their selection of makeup and jewelry.

Source: ProPakistani