‘Fair & Lovely’ to stop using word ‘fair’ to become more inclusive

Unilever Pakistan announced on Thursday the next step in the evolution of its skin care portfolio, with the rebranding of its flagship brand Fair & Lovely. To make the brand more inclusive, the company would stop using the word ‘fair’. The new name of the product would be announced after the the necessary regulatory approval, a statement said.

Unilever Pakistan Chairman and CEO Amir Paracha said, “Unilever is an organisation that is evolving continuously, and today we have taken the next bold step in our evolution by committing to a more inclusive and diverse portrayal of beauty. This ambition has been in the works for some time with significant steps such as the removal of the dual-faced cameo and shade guides from the packaging of Fair & Lovely in 2019.”

In addition to the changes to Fair & Lovely, the rest of the brand’s skincare portfolio would also reflect the new vision of positive beauty, the statement said.

Source: The News