Despite blindness of ten years, Pakistani man works as repairman to support family

Everyday Muhammad Zarnosh picks up his toolbox and reaches for his young son’s hand, to work as a repairman in an impoverished neighborhood in Karachi.  Zarnosh, now in his thirties, experienced gradual vision loss since birth but lost complete eyesight ten years ago. Since then, he has had to depend on friends and family to move around, but that hasn’t stopped him from working. 

Zarnosh learnt plumbing and electric repairs from his father as a teenager. When he became blind, he strived to continue his job even though it put him at risk
“It’s better to do work and labor to earn a livelihood for my children than to beg,” he said. “I am disabled but I am toiling for bread and butter. I have seen people who have no hands or legs but still do hard work. I believe that hard work is the right thing.”

Despite the setbacks, Zarnosh never loses hope or considers his ability a “difficulty”. After all, he has a family to provide for. 
“I couldn’t study. I learnt this skill. But I want my children to study, to join any office, join the army or police,” he said. “The only difficulty I have is [providing for] the education of my children.”  

Source: Arab News PK