Coronavirus numbers, deaths grossly under-reported in Pakistan

Several statistical models, official statements, leaked government documents, and interviews with people in various cities suggest that the number of Coronavirus patients and deaths in Pakistan are grossly under-reported. The actual numbers will be two to three times more than the reported number and health experts worry the lack of accuracy in data collection was misleading people and creating apathy about the disease.

The current official figure puts the countrywide infections at approximately 160,000 and deaths as approximately 3,000. However, data scientists and other analysts fear the real number may already be in millions of infections and tens of thousands of deaths.

Random testing in Pakistan’s second-largest city, Lahore, by the health department of Punjab province in May showed that at least 6 percent of all tests came back positive for Covid-19 while in some areas the percentage was as high as 14 percent.

Last Sunday, a senior health official in Balochistan province claimed that 40 percent of the population of the province was already infected.

Soure: The News