Another PIA aircraft faults: Flight PK-605 denied take-off

Another Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, PK-605, was denied take-off due to a technical fault. The aircraft which had arrived at Gilgit Airport from Islamabad was cancelled out of safety concerns. Upon inspection by the Civil Aviation Authority, it was discovered that the landing gear wheel was missing a bolt. This is the second case of fault in PIA plane since the deadly crash on May 22nd.

One June 10th, it was reported that a PIA aircraft PK-8726 had to make an emergency landing at Jinnah Airport, Karachi, upon facing a technical difficulty mid-journey. The aircraft was originally scheduled to arrive in Multan, but a technical fault prompted an emergency landing in Karachi. As per the reports, some issues had occurred with the entry and exit doors such that it wasn’t closing properly.

Source: ProPakistani