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Two men arrested for supplying drugs to students in Islamabad

Two drug dealers were arrested for supplying drugs to university students in the jurisdiction of the Bahara Kahu police station in Islamabad, according to the police. More than one kilogramme of hashish was confiscated from them and the suspects identified as Arsalan and Babar, were planning to sell the drugs to students of universities and colleges across Islamabad.

Five Pakistani students diagnosed with coronavirus

Five Pakistani students have been diagnosed with coronavirus in China, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing confirmed on Wednesday. He also said that the Pakistani students were immediately isolated and shifted to a hospital after they showed symptoms of coronavirus and also the government is trying to control the spread of the virus outside China.

Students develop a device that helps blind people read and write messages

Students from the Applied Physics Department of the University of Karachi have developed a machine called ‘Braille Display,’ which lets blind people send and read text messages. According to a student, they’ve been working on this project for over one year and at the moment the device can only process four-letter words but they are working to improve the technology.