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Bollywood’s heartthrob Rishi Kapoor passes away at 67

Legendary Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor passed away at the age of 67 in Mumbai. He had been battling leukemia since 2018. He returned to India last year after treatment in the US. Rishi’s brother Randhir said that he was taken to the hospital on Wednesday morning after he complained of breathing difficulties. His death come a day after the passing away of another Bollywood legend, Irrfan Khan. 

Rishi Kapoor advises Imran Khan to take adequate precautions

Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor advised  Prime Minister Imran Khan to take adequate precautions in this global crisis. In a tweet on Thursday, the Kabhi Kabhi star said that the people of Pakistan are also dear to them and once they were one and also expressed concern. The actor also  added that this was a global crisis and ego did not matter. 

Rishi Kapoor hospitalised due to an infection

Rishi Kapoor has been admitted to a hospital in New Delhi due to an infection. Revealing the cause of his hospitalisation, Rishi said that it is nothing dramatic. and he has an infection which is getting treated. He returned to India in September 2019 from New York after undergoing treatment for cancer in the US for almost a year. He further added, “Pollution got me I guess.”