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Rabi Pirzada to launch a hijab and abaya brand

Former pop singer and television host Rabi Pirzada, who fell victim to a privacy breach last year, is all set to launch her own hijab and abaya brand. According to Pirzada, a few women who she helped without having a source of income wanted to thank her by sewing her clothes. That is when she came up with the idea to launch her own clothing brand. as they knew how to sew. 

Rabi Pirzada says leaked pictures have brought her closer to God

Rabi Pirzada has finally shed some light on the case of her leaked nude pictures, in a video interview released by a local news outlet on Thursday. The former singer started by disclosing her conversations with God. She claimed she has been guided through a trial and that the controversy has brought her closer to Him than ever before. 

Singer Rabi Pirzada decides to quit showbiz

Rabi Pirzada has decided to quit Showbiz after compromised videos and pictures of the singer were leaked on social media. The singer announced the news on Twitter and further wrote, “May Allah forgive my sins and soften others’ hearts towards me.” #RabiPirzada was the top trend in the country on Friday, after ‘compromising’ videos of Rabi went viral on social media.

Rabi Pirzada lodges complaint with FIA over video leak

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday to take action against the persons who leaked her private videos and pictures on social media. The FIA received the complaint and promised to urge Facebook to disclose the details of the person who leaked the private videos on the social media platform. Several social media users including  her lawyer Nighat Dad and Meesha Shafi supported her through tweets