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Faisalabad shops still operating with their shutters down

Shops in Faisalabad are still operating with their shutters down for the police but open for people.  A lockdown has been imposed in the city to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus across the country. Section 144 has been imposed in Faisalabad, which means that there is a restriction on gatherings of more than five people and movement has been restricted too.

70 people arrested in Faisalabad for flying kites

At least 70 people were arrested and 50 cases were registered across Faisalabad in the past 24 hours for flying kites in the city despite a ban. As several people get killed or injured every year during the festival, the city police started a campaign against kite flying. The police conducted operations across the city to arrest people involved in flying kites and confiscated more than 200,000 kites. 

Faisalabad airport is getting self check-in kiosks

In a bid to upgrade the facilities at Faisalabad International Airport, the administration is in the process of installing self-check-in kiosks to facilitate the passengers. The kiosk applications are being installed in both domestic and international halls to save passengers’ time and effort. Using the kiosk, you will be able to identify yourself with your passport or ID, confirm flight information, review seat arrangments, print boarding passes.