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Student arrested for cheating via surgically implanted earpiece

An intermediate student from Pakpatan has been caught using a surgically implanted earpiece in his ear to cheat in the examinations. He was caught by the chairman of the Sahiwal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (SBISE), Hafiz Shafiq, who was on inspection duty.During the interrogation, Farooq revealed that a local dispenser had implanted the device with the help of a few cuts around his ear and neck.

Indian students forced to wear cartons on their heads

Students were made to wear cartons on their heads during exam to stop them from cheating at a private college in India’s Karnataka. After receiving various negative responses to the act, the college’s head justified it by referring to a similar act in a college in BIhar which was widely appreciated on social media and added, this was for the betterment of the students so that their minds don’t get diverted.