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Pakistan to set up first artificial intelligence centre for Rs1b

The government of Pakistan is going to create Pakistan’s first artificial intelligence centre with China’s help for Rs1 billion in a bid to set up technology zones across the country.  This is part of its Rs6.26 billion plan to digitise the country. Parliament is also going to be digitised. The IT ministry plans to use technology to record attendance, votes and quorum. This will cost Rs8 million.

Comsats launches Rs. 1 billion project on artificial intelligence

Comsats University Islamabad has launched a project on artificial intelligence worth Rs. 1 billion with an aim to equip the students with modern subjects related to artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, e-gaming, big data, and speed coding. To further this project, a consortium has been established which include six information and technology universities, which will further establish nine high-tech laboratories across Pakistan.