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Pakistani woman uses AI to add colors to black and white historical images

Maheen Sohail, a product designer at Facebook, is celebrating classics images from the past and re-touching them to fit to the present. Whether its cricket, politics, fashion or marketing – Sohail is putting in extra effort to manually improve colors, trying in to fill the gap artificial intelligence leaves. Despite their efficiency, AI models fail to recognize colors accurately. 

Alibaba’s AI can diagnose coronavirus within seconds

Alibaba, China’s Amazon, Microsoft, gaming developer, and healthcare network, all in one just came up with an AI system for diagnosing the COVID-19 (coronavirus). The AI system developed can review 300 chest CT scans in less than 20 seconds to determine if the patient is infected or not. Currently, at least 100 healthcare facilities in China are implementing the AI solution for Coronavirus screening.

NUST graduate becomes Pakistan’s first female Google Developer

Aqsa Kausar, an accomplished graduate of NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), has beaten the odds by becoming the first female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning from Pakistan. She is currently working as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developer with a software organisation named Red Buffer. Aqsa has done her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NUST. 

Pakistani engineers develop robotic arm controlled by brain

Two Pakistani engineers named Mohammad Awais, and Anas Nazir, have developed a prosthetic arm (denoting an artificial body part) that can be controlled by giving commands via the brain. The engineers who developed this robotic arm started working on bio-robotics during a university project. This team’s approach focused on knee joint, one of the most complex mechanical systems within human body.