Author: Samman Iqbal

In the fast paced world no one has time to read wordy articles, hence, we at Inflics work hard to keep you informed of the latest news with short excerpts.

Sania and Veena’s Twitter feud gets ugly

It all started when Sania Mirza came out in defence of her husband’s viral video sitting at a Sheesha Bar, to which Veena Malik showed concern for her baby and the cricket team’s health. The tweet led to a clash between the two with Sania saying she doesn’t need parenting tips and telling Veena to mind her own business.

Sarfraz claims players are lobbying against captaincy

The 32-year-old Pakistan cricket team captain, Sarfraz Ahmed has accused Imad Wasim, Wahab Riaz, Babar Azam, Imam-ul-Haq and Shoaib Malik for conspiring against his captaincy and willingly not playing well especially in the India vs Pakistan match. Apparently, the lobby within the team wants Imad Wasim to be the captain after the World Cup.

Around 100,000 trees burnt down in KP wildfires

Many of the trees planted under the Billion Tree Tsunami campaign by KP government in the last two years, have incinerated in wildfires erupting over the past two months. Reportedly, the wildfires erupted after some individuals wittingly set bushes and trees on fire in Swabi, Mardan, and Swat areas of the province, causing huge loss to the ecosystem.

The sky rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.

Scientists believe that extreme high pressures on Neptune and Uranus squeeze carbon atoms in the atmosphere, allowing diamond rain to fall. The diamonds eventually sink into the planet, coming to rest at its solid core, forming a layer of diamond around it. Much larger diamonds may even form there, some speculate, perhaps weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Saudi launches probe into ‘halal’ nightclub

Saudi Arabia’s first mixed men and women night club, termed as #JeddahDisco, was closed on its opening event as authorities claimed the venue had not received necessary license to operate. The halal disco also had a “halal bar” and shisha that ranged from 370 to 500 Saudi riyals (PKR15500 – PKR21000), videos from inside of the club showed.

Boxer Amir Khan hopes to avenge Pakistan’s World cup defeat

British-Pakistani boxer Amir King claimed that he will avenge Pakistan’s loss against India in the World Cup match by knocking India’s boxer Neeraj Goyat in their upcoming fight in Saudi Arabia on July 12. Khan also offered to help Pakistan cricket team by giving fitness advise as he believes the team has talent but lacks strength and focus.

CAA extends partial airspace ban until June 28

The airspace restriction for flights to India, earlier due to end on 15th June, has now been extended until June 28. After the suspension on overfly operations, flights from Lahore to Delhi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sri Lanka and Urumqi were cancelled. However, there are no restrictions on the operations on the country’s western airspace, which is fully operational.

Metro bus fares increased from Rs. 20 to Rs. 30

As opposed to the Rs. 30 increment proposed by The Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA), a Rs. 10 increase in the metro bus fares will now be implemented from July 1st, in accordance with the new provincial budget. As a result of the increased prices, the government subsidy to the service is due to fall by Rs. 800 million.

Sania Mirza unhappy about viral video targeting husband

After a video of Sania Mirza along with her husband Shoaib Malik and cricketer Imam-ul-Haq ahead of Pak/Ind clash went viral and players excessively criticised, Indian tennis star took to Twitter to school the person for making video without their consent. The fans were particularly angry about causal behaviour of cricketers before the crucial clash.

22-year-old blogger killed in Islamabad’s G-9/4 area

Muhammad Bilal Khan — with over 16,000 followers on Twitter, 48,000 on  YouTube channel and 22,000 on Facebook — received a phone called to go to G-9 area, where a man took him into forest and apparently stabbed him. Deceased’s father claims his son had no personal enmities but his only fault was to speak about the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his companions.