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United States expected to soften travel advisory on Pakistan

In another positive development, the United States has assured Pakistan that it will soften its travel advisory, enabling Islamabad to attract foreign investors. Adviser to PM on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood while talking to media said US was going to soften the travel advisory. Removal of travel advisory would mean both countries can engage in business activities.

PM Imran continues austerity drive, travels on commercial flight

Prime Minister Imran Khan has departed for his 3-day visit to United States on a commercial Qatar Airways flight. The decision to fly through Qatar airways is in line with the Prime Minister’s austerity drive to “save taxpayer money”. In stark contrast to visits by previous chief executives, PM Imran’s entire trip to US is expected to cost $60,000.

No imminent plans for direct flights between US and Pakistan: US TSA

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has refuted all reports claiming that flights operation between Pakistan and United States are likely to be restored. The development was speculated after US government agency reportedly overseeing airport and air carrier security visited Pakistan this week. However, the trip was carried out to strengthen economic ties between both countries and enhance regional connectivity.

Direct flights between Pakistan and United States to resume soon

A 12-member Homeland Security team reached Islamabad Monday to finalise the matter of resuming direct flights from the United States to Pakistan and vice versa. American authorities green- lightened Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for the direct flight operations to the United States in May this year, which had shut its direct flight operations to US owing to financial losses.

PM Imran Khan to meet US President Donald Trump on July 22

Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan will be going to Washington on invitation of President Trump and the two will be meeting on 22nd of July. During the premier’s visit, the focus will be on further improving the ties between the two countries. The two leaders will also talk about “important regional matters”.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shoots down a US drone

As relations worsen between Tehran and Washington over President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Tehran’s nuclear deal a year ago, Iran’s revolutionary guard has shot down a RQ-4 Global Hawk. The guard claims to have shot down the drone in Iranian airspace, while a US official says it occured over international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz.

US warns India of ‘serious implications’ if it picks Russian defence

A senior American diplomat has warned India that its $500 billion deal of Russian S-400 air defense systems could put US-India relationships in jeopardy. US is ready to offer Lockheed Martin’s F-21 and Boeing’s F/A-18 fighter and even fifth generation F-35 jets to India if it agrees to scrap its S-400 purchase.

Two oil tankers hit by explosions in Gulf of Oman: US blames Iran

Two oil tankers were hit by explosions in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. A fireball erupted on Norwegian-owned MT Front Altair after a suspected torpedo attack caused three explosions, while Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous was hit by another explosion. Mike Pompeo have blamed Iran for the attack based on investigations carried out on unexploded mine found on the vessel.

Trump just called London Mayor Sadiq Khan a ‘stone cold loser’

Ahead of his three-day state visit to London, Donald Trump has taken to twitter to attack London Mayor Sadiq Khan and called him a “stone cold loser” who has done “terrible job” as London Mayor. Trump’s response came after the British-Pakistani Mayor compared Trump to fascist leader of 20th century who is promoting far right values and undermining liberal democracy.