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Preliminary reports suggest Saudi prince behind Amazon chief’s phone hack

hacked by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman through a message infected by spyware, according to a preliminary analysis released Wednesday. The forensic analysis by technical experts suggested that the Bezos iPhone was compromised by “tools” procured by a close associate of the Saudi de facto ruler.

Man orders Apple Watch at Amazon, receives toilet plunger instead

A man from London got the shock of his life, when Amazon sent him a £4.39 (PKR 890 approx) toilet plunger instead of a £299 (PKR 60,800 approx) Apple Watch which he bought in a Black Friday deal. According to reports, John Browne bought the Apple Watch Series 4 and got £100 discount on retail price. Browne’s pre-Christmas treat to himself became quite an embarrassment, he said.

Amazon wants Pakistani manufacturers: Amazon.pk in plans

Officials from Amazon U.S. have reached out to enablers.pk to initiate the process of getting Pakistan listed on Amazon’s approved country list. Amazon wants to facilitate and on-board Pakistani manufacturers, especially, in home, bed linen and furnishing category. Officials also disclosed that Amazon.pk is certainly on the cards and expansion similar to Indian market is being planned for Pakistan.