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YouTube can now delete channels that are not profitable

In its latest terms of service set to commence from December 10, YouTube could easily delete your account if the channel is not profitable. The section title titled “Account Suspension & Termination” has made content creators very nervous. This also means that creators could lose out on their Gmail, Google Photos and documents if they are no longer profitable on the video platform.

Russia is planning to disconnect itself from the internet

Russia along with its major internet providers is set to disconnect from the internet as part of the “sovereign internet” law that came into effect recently. This is due to the long-planned internet bill  proposed by the Russian Parliament in 2018 that recently got approved. All internet service providers will be controlled by a single telecom entity called Roskomnadzor and will block all access to internet content that the Russian government deems a threat.

China starts providing 5G services for commercial use

China has launched 5G services in the country for commercial use by providing licenses to the country’s three telecom operators, including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. The companies have introduced 5G data plans for their users in the major cities of China. Some packages are depending on the speed instead of data allowance starting from 199 Yuan (PKR 44,00) for 500Mbps and some are some data-based packages which start from 128 Yuan (PKR 28,00) with 30GB data

Scientists develop battery for electric cars to charge in 10 minutes

Scientists from Penn State have developed a  battery that will get charged in just 10 minutes. The Lithium-ion battery uses in portable electronics and electric vehicles and would give 200 miles per ten minutes charge while maintaining 2500 charging cycles. The newly designed battery gives tough competition to the gasoline based vehicles as previously people had the fear that the charge would run out in the time of need. 

PTA issues guidelines to report misplaced and stolen phones

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has issued a guideline in a newspaper to report or block misplaced and stolen phones. PTA has urged the public to report as soon as possible because of the possible misuse of the phone. After reporting mobile phone will be blocked within 16 hours’ time period. While lodging complaint at the helpline 0800-256225, emailing at or by visiting PTA headquarters few things will be provided like all IMEIs of mobile phone, number etc. 

UAE mulls removing ban on Whatsapp calls

After years of banning Voice over IP (VoIP) calls like Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime, the UAE government is finally going to consider removing the ban on Whatsapp calls. The country has increased its collaboration with the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and will work keeping in mind the national security initiatives. UAE’s NESA Executive Director, Mohamed Al Kuwaiti revealed the news, saying, “this is going to happen soon.”

Facebook confirms massive public disclosure of user data

According to a recent Facebook’s blog post, Approximately 100 developers connected to Facebook via application program interfaces (APIs) improperly accessed user data. In a blog post, the company has only disclosed that developers were able to access profile pictures and names of the users but they will ensure the deletion of any member data although there is no evidence of abuse. 

Apple to let users buy iPhone through monthly Apple Card bill

CEO Tim Cook has announced that later this year, users will be able to buy an iPhone on an Apple Card, pay for it over 24 months with zero interest, get 3 percent cash back on the purchase, and manage payments in the Wallet app. While Apple already offers a number of ways to finance the cost of the iPhone, “manage payments in the Wallet app” portion is the working solution.

NUST graduate becomes Pakistan’s first female Google Developer

Aqsa Kausar, an accomplished graduate of NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), has beaten the odds by becoming the first female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning from Pakistan. She is currently working as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developer with a software organisation named Red Buffer. Aqsa has done her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NUST. 

PIA launches mobile app for flight booking

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has launched a mobile application in collaboration with Turkish IT company Hitit, that will let users book and confirm flights through their smartphones. The application is available on Google Play Store and allows user to book flights, view booking details, check flight status and schedules etc.