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US lab unveils five-minute coronavirus detection test

A US-based medical company has unveiled a coronavirus test that can tell if someone is infected in as little as five minutes. The test launched by Abbott Laboratories is a portable test that can be used in almost any health-care setting. The company plans to supply 50,000 tests a day starting April 1, John Frels, vice president of research and development at Abbott Diagnostics said.

Robot designed in China could help save lives on medical frontline

Researchers at one of China’s top universities have designed a robot they say could help save lives on the frontline during the coronavirus outbreak. The machine consists of a robotic arm on wheels that can perform ultrasounds, take mouth swabs and listen to sounds made by a patient’s organs. The robot’s chief designer, Zheng Gangtie’s idea was to use the robot to perform the most dangerous tasks as covid-19 is contagious. 

Facebook to make Messenger helpful in battle against coronavirus

Facebook on Monday began enlisting outside developers to create ways its Messenger service can help health organizations battling the novel coronavirus. The social network also invited software savants to take part in an online “hackathon” aimed at creating ways to use Messenger to ease social-distancing and deliver accurate information about the pandemic, according to Messenger vice president Stan Chudnovsky in a blog post.

Pakistan is getting an electric vehicle plant

President of China Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit Pakistan later this year and in his itinerary is the inauguration of an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant, which will be the biggest private EV venture in the country. The initial production capacity of the plant is 30,000 units annually and will be located near Lahore.

NUST team develops testing kits for detecting Covid-19

The scientists at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Attaur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) have successfully established Molecular Diagnostic Assays for the detection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). These robust testing kits will cost one-fourth the current price for the kits used for detecting the COVID-19 and have been efficiently tested on laboratory controls and patient sample.

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft’s board of directors

Microsoft’s founder and chairman Bill Gates has stepped down from the company’s board of directors for the first time in 44 years. He explains that he is stepping away from the company to focus more on his charitable endeavors such as global health, education etc. He added that he is by no means abandoning Microsoft and will maintain a passive role in the company as a leading advisor. 

5th grade student invents navigational hat for blind people

Zuhaib Ghauri, a fifth-grade studnet from Karachi, has developed a navigational hat for blind people which helps them walk without bumping into hurdles. The child prodigy came up with this innovative idea after completing his Arduino courses. Powered by batteries, the hat uses sensors and an Arduino board to identify the hindrances in the way.

Engineer builds a screen-less mobile phone from scratch

A 34-year old space engineer, Justine Haupt who hates Smartphones and texting has built a unique screen-less, classical rotary dialing mobile phone. The phone is wireless and it took her 3 years to build the blue-colored phone fit with a rotary dial taken from an old Trimline phone and an antenna. The device is about 4-inches tall and works on an AT&T prepaid SIM card. Its battery lasts around 24 to 30 hours. 

Alibaba’s AI can diagnose coronavirus within seconds

Alibaba, China’s Amazon, Microsoft, gaming developer, and healthcare network, all in one just came up with an AI system for diagnosing the COVID-19 (coronavirus). The AI system developed can review 300 chest CT scans in less than 20 seconds to determine if the patient is infected or not. Currently, at least 100 healthcare facilities in China are implementing the AI solution for Coronavirus screening.

Facebook agrees to ‘expedite’ information sharing with Pakistan

Facebook has agreed to expedite information sharing with Pakistani authorities in connection with investigations in cyber crime cases. A team from Facebook’s Asia Pacific headquarters visited the office of Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Wajid Zia to discuss issues of cooperation and data sharing between FIA and Facebook. The two teams discussed mutual collaboration and cooperation in data sharing as well as cyber crime awareness among social media users in Pakistan.