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Did you know? In 2014 Korean students made a raft out of potato chips

In 2014, a group of four South Korean friends tried to prove just how much nitrogen air is stuffed in packets of potato chips. The students agitated by increasing gas content, built a raft by tying together 160 unopened bags of potato crisps. Then two of them stepped aboard and paddled it for 1.3km (0.62 miles) across the Han River, watched by nearly 200 spectators.

The sky rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.

Scientists believe that extreme high pressures on Neptune and Uranus squeeze carbon atoms in the atmosphere, allowing diamond rain to fall. The diamonds eventually sink into the planet, coming to rest at its solid core, forming a layer of diamond around it. Much larger diamonds may even form there, some speculate, perhaps weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.