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Most Pakistanis unaware of Minar-e-Pakistan’s secret symbolic architecture

Minar-e-Pakistan, the famous national landmark built in 1968, had a secret symbolic architecture which most Pakistanis have missed out on. Only recently a Facebook user, Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry revealed the aerial view of the Minar e Pakistan which depicts a genius geometry. The photographer’s eagle-eye view, Minar-e-Pakistan displays a flower nestled on a star embraced by two crescents, one white and one green.

Eye drops reaction deprives many patients of vision

During an incident at Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital a number of patients lost their eye sight after eye drops were administered to them after going through operations of glaucoma. The reason behind the unfortunate incident is being investigated by the government as well as the hospital’s management. Patients have been alleging that 80 patients lost their eyesight while the hospital’s media coordinator denied of the allegations. 

Islamabad is now safer than Berlin, Paris and London

Islamabad has improved significantly in terms of safety as well as crime prevention, according to World Crime Index 2020. The index is issued by an international organization, Numbeo has ranked the capital city 301 out of 374, while it was ranked 232 last year. The vulnerability level has decreased by 69 as higher number rank on the index means lower crime. 

Drinking green tea can make you live longer: study

Drinking green tea at least 3 times a week makes you healthier and prolongs your life, as revealed by a recent study carried out at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. According to the researchers, green tea has significantly higher proportions of polyphenol, a micronutrient that protects against cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood pressure. 

Wedding held in Lahore Fort’s 400-year-old kitchen

In violation of the Punjab government’s regulations, a wedding event was held in the over 400-year-old royal kitchen in the Lahore Fort. The incident was first reported on Twitter, where pictures from the mehindi event were uploaded, triggering a public outcry. The Fort has been recognized by the UNESCO as an endangered monument and has been listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger.

Canadian traveller converts to Islam after spending time in Pakistan

Rosie Gabrielle, a solo Canadian traveller who visited Pakistan and spent time exploring the country, converts to Islam. The travel blogger praised Pakistan and its people who helped her get rid of the pain she has been going through for years and fulfill her desire to be free.

NASA discovers Earth-sized planet in ‘Goldilocks zone’

NASA said that its planet hunter satellite TESS discovered an Earth-sized planet within the habitable range of its star, which could allow the presence of liquid water. Named “TOI 700 d”, the planet is relatively close to Earth — only 100 light years away. Star TOI 700 is small, about 40 percent of our Sun’s size and only about half as hot.

‘Inshallah’ becomes an official German word

‘Inshallah’, an Arabic word can also be considered a German word now as it has been recognised as an official word by Germany’s most authentic dictionary, Duden. It is spelled as “inschallah” in the dictionary and currently appears in its digital version. ‘Inhsallah’, meaning ‘if Allah wills’ is popularly used by Muslims throughout the world when speaking of a future event. 

Karachi is the 6th most affordable city in the world

Karachi is the 6th most affordable city in the world, according to an annual report of the Worldwide Cost of living. The report was published by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The cities are ranked by comparing prices of 160 essential commodities to compile a ranking including food, drink, clothing, education, recreational costs etc.

Groom in D.G Khan showers mobile phones on his wedding

During a wedding in Dera Ghazi Khan, the brother of the groom showered mobile phones and money on the people at the wedding. As the barat made its way towards the destination, money and phones tricked down from the top of the truck to everyone who was surrounding the vehicle. It was said that the groom’s brother kept on showering money and phones for about half an hour.