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Pakistan becomes the first country to introduce a vaccine against drug resistant typhoid

Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce the typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) into its routine immunization program. According to a press release the government of Pakistan is launching the vaccine in Sindh in response to an outbreak of typhoid in November 2016. The phased introduction will begin with a two week campaign targeting 10.1 million children under 15 years of age.  

Vaping related health issues on the rise in Pakistan

The consumption of electronic cigarettes is rising around the world with more and more people switching to vaping from regular cigarettes leading to rise in health hazards. Ironically, many youngsters believe that vaping is safe as it does not contain tar and nicotine but according to Pakistani experts it is more life threatening than regular cigarettes and causes mouth ulcers and throat infection that can turn cancerous any minute

Australian company develops a cure for cancer

Australian scientists are claiming to have created a cowpox style virus in an effort to cure cancer, which is able to kill every type of cancer in a Petri dish and also shrunken tumors in mice. The treatment is developed at Imugene, an Australian biotech company and is called CF33. Scientists are hopeful to test the virus on various cancer patients but are still uncertain about results.

Swvl to Expand to Bangladesh & the Philippines

Swvl, a mobile application that lets users reserve bus tickets online, aims to start operation in the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh by late next year. The company runs buses along fixed routes and allows users to book seats and pay for them through its app. It competes with current ride hailing companies as it is 30 to 40 percent less expensive than using a car. 

Man dies after a phone explodes during charging

A man in India has died after his mobile phone exploded next to him while charging.  According to the police, the deceased, identified as ‘Kuna Pradhan’ hailed from Ranpur. He left his phone to charge overnight and it exploded around 5 am. Kuna received severe injuries, including third-degree burns. He was shifted to a nearby hospital and died in a few hours.

Government to launch Youth Empowerment Card soon

The government is going to introduce a Youth Empowerment Card, according to inside sources. The holders of this card will enjoy subsidies on civic services such as travel, passport fee, and CNIC along with that the needy will also get Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000 per month from the government. NADRA will provide the data for the qualifying youth across the country.

Istanbul airport gets the ‘Airport of the Year’ award

Istanbul Airport has won the first-ever “Readers Choice: Airport of the Year” award by International Airport Review (IAR).The International Airport Review awards focus to acknowledge excellence within the aviation industry. The readers were given an opportunity to vote for the best airport from a list of 10 airports considering delays, connectivity, cleanliness, staff behaviour etc. for the first time ever

A 32-year old Indian man pretended to be 81 to fly to the US on a fake passport

According to the Indian police. A 32-year-old Indian man disguised himself as an 81-year-old in a wheelchair in a brazen attempt to fly to the US for a job with a fake passport. The man, identified as Jayesh Patel, was arrested at New Delhi airport trying to use a passport said that he was Amrik Singh, born in February 1938. He managed to get a US visa using the fake passport.

Government to launch its own messaging app soon

In the wake of escalating data leaks around the world, the government of Pakistan has made a decision to launch a dedicated messaging app for all official communication. The application will be named as the “Govt App” and the government will stop using other messaging applications like WhatsApp, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan

Teenage game addict dies after playing all night

In a tragic incident in Thailand, a 17-year-old boy Piyawat Harikun died after playing an online game all night. He suffered a stroke which proved fatal, according to the reports.The boy used to stay up all night and day while playing video games. He spent his entire school holidays in October playing multiplayer battle games. According to Piyawat’s father his death is an example for other parents as they should keep track of their children’s playing hours.