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Airport staff is allegedly using coronavirus outbreak to make money

Health officials deployed at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi are reportedly using coronavirus outbreak to make money. The officials at the airport who assess every passenger using thermal scanners have been coercing passengers, who have no symptoms of the disease whatsoever, to  pay bribe. Some passengers have also revealed that the medical staff even allowed them to leave the airport without screening them for COVID-19.

These 8 Pakistani beauty creams have cancer-causing chemicals

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has found excessive mercury and hydroquinone, cancer causing chemicals in 8 Pakistani beauty creams. BSTI had collected a total of 13 fairness creams imported from Pakistan to assess their composition at its laboratory. According to BSTI standards, skincare products are allowed to have 1 ppm mercury and 5 ppm hydroquinone.

Altaf Hussain is selling his London secretariat: report

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s founder Altaf Hussain is selling his London secretariat on London’s Edgware road for £1,000,000. Hussain is selling the MQM’s international secretariat to raise money for his court trial in London on the charges of encouraging terrorism during one of his speeches in August 2016. The trial will begin on June 1.

How similar is coronavirus to flu?

The recent coronavirus outbreak is also a respiratory disease, much similar to the flu, which still claims thousands of lives each year. The seasonal flu kills around 0.1 per cent of patients as compared to two per cent of the 1918 flu strain, which had a huge fatality rate. But the more contagious coornavirus, is estimated to have the death rate at 1.4 per cent now based on 1,099 cases. 

Pakistani girl designs a sewing machine for the visually impaired

Aqsa Ajmal, an Industrial Designer designed a sewing machine for the visually impaired and presented the concept for the Lexus Design Award 2020. Miss Ajmal completed her degree from he NUST School of Art, Design, and Architecture. Even though she struggled with grades but overcame her struggles and became one of the 6 finalists for the award. Her friend, who lost eyesight during a devastating accident, inspired her. 

Pakistan named World’s most affordable country to live in 2020

Pakistan is named world’s most affordable country to live in 2020, according to a recently published report ‘Most Expensive Countries in the World to Live In 2020’ by the CEOWORLD magazine. While Switzerland was declared as the most expensive country. To compile a list, the magazine analyses different metrics such as cost of living and purchasing power etc. of the country to assign it an average score. 

Indian firm turns buses into women’s toilets: washroom on wheels

Indian firm has turned buses into women’s toilets “washroom on wheels” in a bid to provide hygienic public toilets to women across the country. For a relatively affordable Indian five-rupee-fee, any woman can board the toilet to use the facilities, breastfeed babies or purchase sanitary napkins and diapers. Launched in 2016 by entrepreneurs Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher, the “Ti Toilet” project — “ti” means “her” in the local Marathi language .

UK Declares Nikkah an Invalid Marriage Ceremony

Nikkah will no longer be considered a valid marriage ceremony in the United Kingdom. The Court of Appeal in the country has reversed an earlier decision from two years ago, which declared it a legal way of marriage.Judges said the fact they intended to have a further civil ceremony meant they must have known their Islamic marriage had no legal effect in the UK.

Solis Festival Islamabad trashed by crashers, canceled midway

The fourth edition of the EDM festival, Solis, in Islamabad last night was trashed by crashes and was canceled midway. According to a tweet, the show was crashed by people who did not have the tickets but the Solis Music and Arts Festival team immediately took to Instagram to issue an apology and explain the situation. 

Suzuki offers free registration for Wagon R buyers

Suzuki is offering free registration on the purchase of the WagonR for a limited time in a bid to increase its sales. Suzuki saw a substantial decrease in in sales in the past few months as only 576 units were sold in January, being the lower-ever sales.The offer is valid till 31st March and is applicable only on the WagonR.